There is a genuine need for a website dedicated to providing educational New Music content for a non-specialist audience. This is crucial not only for promoting an understanding of New Music across a whole spectrum of music enthusiasts, but also to support knowledge among specialists by providing easier and thematically catalogued access to archived materials from other partners.

As a result, EUC (with IRCAM, ZKM, OCC & DMU, who will provide content and access to archival material) will develop a multifunction webpage with educational resources and tools as well as interactive technology, providing a comprehensive guide to New Music for a non-specialist audience. This will also help showcase some of the findings of the research conducted in collaboration with EUC’s Master’s and PhD programs in Music Education.

This action will be combined with a series of documented workshops in schools given by partners showcasing new interactive technology as well as the “Urban Music Boxes & Troubadours” project.

This will be a major legacy of Interfaces, since it will reach audiences beyond the partner countries and after the completion of the project cycle.

See the Introduction to New Music course here