Most classical music events take place in concert halls or venues designed for this purpose. These venues, as symbolic representations of high culture, can at times be intimidating to certain demographics. The overlying concept here is to target groups that are usually underrepresented or not represented at all at New Music events. The targeted group is immigrants living in underprivileged areas of urban Nicosia. The philosophy of the project is: since this group does not come to the concert hall (for reasons that will be researched in the context of this action), we will take a concert experience directly to them, in neighborhoods and shops located in areas facing social alienation. By installing workstations at 10 different locations, we will give everyone the chance to experiment and engage with interactive and intuitive new technology, which has the potential to create further interest in New Music.

10 Custom-made tablet/computer stations/kiosks will be designed by faculty and students from EUC, including a new version of UPIC for mobile devices and software from DMU, among others, to act as modern, interactive music boxes. Concise instructions will be displayed in each station designed by EUC faculty and students, and workshops by EUC staff will be held demonstrating the project. Exhibitions and 3-day workshops will be given by the Centre Iannis Xenakis and DMU. Tablets will be installed in Nicosia’s immigrant neighborhoods but also in other spaces: malls, the university and shops. Interactive concerts will be held in public spaces, breaking the performer/audience barrier.  The action will be documented through many photographs and a video documentary on the project’s website.